• “Derrick is a patient and talented voice coach. He has so much experience and he has a lot to offer. From breathing to breaking through my emotional fear and letting go. He has the talent to break down techniques to make it easier for me to understand, guide me through the experience and showing me variations of vocal exercises. Every class with Derrick is a breakthrough for me.

    Not only do I sound a lot better, but I also have become more open. I now have the courage to voice out a lot more during work. I believe by continuing my class with Derrick, I’m able to achieve my dream to use my voice to inspire others.”

    Angela Cai
    Product Manager
  • “My objective was to learn how to optimise the usage of my voice in presentations. In the end, what i learnt was an essential fundamental life skill. I learnt how to “work” my body to enable my voice projection to be clearer and better-connected with the breathing and body movement exercises that were incorporated. Derrick’s workshop besides being interesting, was comprehensive, hands-on practical and definitely useful for everyone including teens aged 10 and above. A MUST for all those who wish to be more naturally confident in the simple act of talking!”

    2019-01-27 17.47.17-Janice-DSCF5248.ARW
    Janice Lee
  • “Derrick has helped me find my ‘true natural voice’ with his easy to understand and humorous way.
    I learnt to speak more dynamically with greater variation than I could imagine.
    Now I have more confidence in using my voice professionally. Thanks Derrick!”

    Dave Lee
  • “The Voice Workshop is really a self-discovery experience. Derrick is a caring and skillful facilitator and is able to give us meaningful
    individual feedback due to the small class size. Love the hands-on informal lesson format which made the 3 hours pass really fast.
    For me, going with an open mind and losing any inhibitions early, helped me benefit from the class. It was overall a fun session and would encourage anyone to do it! Especially parents with young kids and educators.”

    Phoebe Goh
  • “I liked the new way of teaching and Derrick’s enthusiasm!”

    Ngo Ngan
  • “Now I can transmit energy to others without touching through my voice and realised I actually love my voice!:)”

  • “I’ve attended other classes for the Voice in Vietnam, and this is better and more effective!”

    John Hung